Unit 4 – Plasma Fibroblast Contraindications & Client Consent Copy

Unit Introduction

Important Considerations to Discuss to ensure your client is a good candidate for the Plasma Fibroblast treatments to establish appropriate expectations and achieve the best results. 

Contra-indications are conditions that may be present on a client, and are such that you would not be allowed to proceed with the treatment, unless they have written confirmation from their GP that it is safe to do so. It is essential that you not only look for these problems, but you should have already asked your client if they were aware of any issues when doing a consultation form. It is vital that you check for contra-indications, you are not to ignore them so that you can do the treatment and get paid, you can find that the treatment makes the problem worse. If you are at all unsure, you should suggest that the client visits his/her GP to have the matter checked before you provide the treatment.