Electrolysis – Providing Permanent Hair Reduction Treatments

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Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Unveil the art and science of permanent hair removal with Dermaskin Training’s comprehensive Electrolysis Course. Whether you’re a skincare professional seeking to expand your expertise or an individual passionate about helping others achieve flawless results, this course is your gateway to mastering the transformative technique of Electrolysis.

How Electrolysis Works

Electrolysis is the delivery of a fine probe into the hair follicle. Once in place an electrical current is delivered down the probe until sufficient destruction of the follicle has occurred and therefore hair has been released from its attachments in the follicle. At this stage the electrologist simply slides the hair from the follicle. There are two electrical currents that are referred to as electrolysis. The first current is Thermolysis which uses a build up of heat to cause destruction to the tissue in the follicle. The second is Galvanic, this current causes a chemical reaction to occur using the salt and moisture in the tissues. This reaction is highly destructive to the follicle. Both currents can be used simultaneously to create a greater amount of destruction at the one time. This modality is called the Blend. There are no permanent side effects of electrolysis only some temporary redness immediately following treatment.


In our Electrolysis Course, you’ll receive expert instruction from industry-leading professionals who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience. From theory to practical application, this course will equip you with the skills necessary to become a certified Electrolysis expert.

Embark on a transformative journey with Dermaskin Training’s Electrolysis Course. Unlock the power to help clients achieve long-lasting, confidence-boosting results through permanent hair removal. Become a certified Electrolysis expert and make a positive impact in the beauty industry. Enrol today and elevate your career to new heights.

 Possible reactions and how to deal with them
 Relevant legislation
 Infection control
 The skin and repair
 Hygiene requirement

Client consultation and designing a treatment plan and performing treatment


Students are required to allow home time to practice on clients to prepare for assessment


Time must be allowed at home to complete theory assessments and to allow time for practical assessment when required.


Beauty/Dermal Therapists, Registered Nurses, anyone with interest in providing this service

• All notes resources
Certificate of Completion on successful assessment outcome
• Ongoing support as required

 Yes for practical assessment



Course Name

Electrolysis Providing Permanent Hair Reduction Treatments

Course code



Course is expected to be completed within 6 weeks maximum, but can be adjusted according to individual needs.


  • 6 hr face to face in clinic or via live class practical tuition
  • Theory assessment, home study and practice on family and friends
  • Please note all assessments must be completed within 3 months
  • Please note courses are non-refundable after course commencement however we are happy to move you to another practical tuition date if you are unable to attend due to sickness or circumstances
  • Theory own pace

Online Theory/Practical, Face to Face


Online, via live class, in salon or Dermaskin Training, 51 Dilke Road, Padstow Heights, NSW


Students can begin online component as soon as registered for course and Practical Component can be arranged with Dermaskin Training at time of theory completion.

Course Fee



  • Course Tuition
  • add $3,500 – Dermaskin Training can arrange a Sterex Electrolysis Machine through an external supplier – as used during course delivery

NB:  Dermaskin Training does not affiliate with any particular device brand as all training is targeted towards theory, technique and skill which can be utilised with any brand or device.  However, Dermaskin Training does share with students, and make available for purchase in the shopping cart, all devices, products and disposables used during our courses and training delivery.


What you will learn

Knowledge Theory and Assessment will include –

  1. Introduction to Electrolysis
  2. Structural and cellular features of a hair follicle
  3. Hair Types
  4. Hair Growth Cycles
  5. Influences on hair growth rate – hereditary, topical, hormonal etc
  6. Contra-indications to the Electrolysis Treatment
  7. Client Consultation
  8. Skin assessment, follicle direction and pattern
  9. Managing Client expectations
  10. Performing the electrolysis treatment
  11. Protocols, procedures, techniques and set up
  12. The epilation process, destruction and healing
  13.  Client record keeping, rescheduling
  14. Advantages and disadvantages of Electrolysis
  15. Preparing the service area, machine, probes, PPE etc
  16. Working Safely
  17. Performing the treatment – Galvanic, Thermolysis, Blend
  18. Probing techniques, angles and positioning
  19. Techniques for different areas
  20. Adverse reactions
  21. Waste disposal
  22. Conducting the patch test
  23. Managing and designing the treatment plan
  24. Aftercare procedures
  25. Regrowth patterns etc
  26. Troubleshooting

Practical Skills Assessment will include –

  1. Identifying client requirements
  2. Client consultation and advice
  3. Correct set up, positioning, probe insertion and current settings to successfully perform the Electrolysis treatment
  4. Performing Galvanic, Thermolysis and Blend methods
  5. Identify adverse reactions and aftercare advice
  6. Maintain Infection Control and waste management 
  7. Adjust treatment plan, record treatment outcomes and settings
  8. Perform Electrolysis Treatments competently and efficiently

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