4.5 – Developing personalised treatment plans

Personalised treatment plans are essential to address each client’s unique concerns and achieve optimal results. Consider the following elements when developing personalised treatment plans:

  1. Treatment Frequency and Duration:
  •    Determine the recommended number of sessions needed to achieve the desired outcomes.
  •    Consider the client’s availability, budget and the specific concerns being addressed.
  1. Treatment Parameters:
  •    Customize the depth of needle penetration, the selection of needle cartridges and the use of topical products based on the client’s skin condition and desired results.
  1. Pre-Treatment Preparation:
  •    Provide guidelines for pre-treatment preparation, such as avoiding certain skincare products or medications before the treatment.
  •    Emphasise the importance of keeping the skin clean and moisturised leading up to the scheduled appointment.

By conducting thorough pre-treatment consultations, assessing the client’s skin conditions and concerns, managing expectations and developing personalised treatment plans, you can provide a comprehensive and tailored approach to Skin Needling. This sets the stage for successful treatments and satisfied clients.