7.4 – Dealing with unexpected outcomes and complications

When treating crow’s feet we typically will encounter fine lines surrounded by crepey skin. Observe the client for static lines in this area as pictured above. Lines that move when we smile, expression lines, will not be treated by plasma. We will aim to treat both simultaneously using both patterns illustrated previously.

Crows Feet Static Vs Expression

When assessing if your clients crows feet are caused by static lines or expression lines look for skin to bunch when your client smiles. These are the expression lines and they are best to be treated with Botox. A combination of Botox and Plamere to treat the static lines will enhance the results of treatment in this area. It is best to set appropriate expectations with you client regarding treatment efficacy in this area as it pertains to static versus expression lines. Expression lines are typically found on younger clients while static lines will be present in more aged or damaged skin. UNDER PROMISE OVER DELIVER.

Expression lines in the corner of eye.

Static lines in the corner of eye.

Crows Feet Demo

We treat the static lines that are visible when your client is not smiling. We also treat any crepey skin present in the area concurrently.