Unit 1.1 What is Short Wave Diathermy

The cause of unwanted hair growth.

Abnormal hair growth may be caused by heredity factors, changes in hormonal levels and some illness and medications and is seen as excessive growth or dark hair in unwanted areas. Since many factors influence hair growth, the client may need to return for several electrolysis visits. This varies from person to person. Most clients return once a week or every other week, as necessary. Treatments may lasts between 15 minutes to one hour.

Electrolysis is a useful technique for treating small areas quickly and efficiently, giving good and usually permanent results. It is mostly used to remove unwanted facial hair in women. It is also used on the legs, back and bikini line. Electrolysis may also be used for the treatment of thread veins and skin tags.

Electrolysis is the only recognised permanent hair removal method. All skin colours and hair types and colours plus hormonal hairs can be treated. It is a treatment that is highly specialised and challenging to learn,  however the rewards for your career and for your clients are unlimited. It removes hair permanently  and safely from all areas of the body and face. A sterile probe is inserted into the base of each hair follicle destroying its growth.