Unit 1 – Machine Check

Providing Electrolysis Treatment

  1. Cleanse skin – Cleanse the skin to remove dirt, makeup and debris
  2. Select sterile probes, size and open in front of client – Identify which probe you will use based on the results of the patch test and the treatment plan review.
  3. Select electrical current type and level – Select the electrical type and level in line with patch test parameters.
  4. Position yourself to avoid injury – You need to position yourself with ergonomics in mind in order to minimise fatigue and the risk of injury to yourself and to the client.
  • Ideally you will have an adjustable saddle stool, on wheels
  • Your feet need to be stable and evenly planted on the floor
  • The bed should be height adjustable
  • Potential injuries includ repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and needlestick injury