Unit 2.12 – Hereditary or genetic influences on hair growth Copy

Hereditary or genetic influences on hair growth 

Everyone has a hair growth pattern that is genetically predetermined and is not a result of other  influences. Normal patterns are those growth patterns that have been described earlier in this  section. Occasionally abnormal patterns of excessively heavy hair growth will be inherited. Some  people are hairy all over their bodies except palms, soles and foreheads. This is a rare condition. 

The growth of hair is not the only factor to take into account when treating skin’s of clients from  different ethnic backgrounds. You must also consider the type of hair follicle that is typical of dif ferent ethnic groups: 

  • Caucasian European clients have the most varied skin and hair types. Typically however this group  will have straight follicles unless they have been distorted through temporary hair removal  treatments. 
  • African clients can have tightly curled hair which would typically indicate follicles that are  curved. This group do not have significant facial hair. Hair removal can result in the hair to  regrow embedded in the skin. This is due to the curly profile of the hair. In severe cases this  can result in pseudo-folliculitis barbae. However, permanently removing the hair will cure  this problem. Skin preparations containing salicylic acid can be used by the client during the  treatment period to reduce inflammation and bumps. 
  • Eastern Asian clients have the least amount of body and face hair. Eyebrows can be the target  for permanent hair removal. You should be confident of your skills in designing a permanent  eyebrow shape before you commence treatment. Some therapists will shape the area first and  agree with the client on the final shape. They then schedule the client to come back at a later  date and use electrolysis on the hairs as they re-emerge. 
  • Middle-eastern and Asian Indian. This group tend to have the most hair. However the follicle is usually  straight and the treatment is very effective.