Unit 2.12 – Immune Impairment Inhibits Results Copy

As the skin ages, reactive oxygen species, associated with many aspects of aging, lead to increased production of the enzyme collagenase, which breaks down collagen. Then fibroblasts, the critical players in firm, healthy skin, lose their normal stretched state. They collapse, and more breakdown enzymes are produced. People in their 80’s have four times more broken collagen than people in their 20’s. Immune functions of the skin occurs in the Langerhan cells are ‘guard’ cells, found mainly in the stratum filamentosum (spinosum) but start in the dermis. They move across the skin and are stimulated to action by the entry of foreign materials, acting as macrophages to engulf bacteria.

If someone has a bad immune system, any micro wound treatment will not be as effective. Make sure to explain this to your clients.