Unit 2.16 – Consult with client Copy

The initial consultation is very important. It should be used to gain the necessary information for  successful treatments and give the client information about and confidence in the electrolysis  treatment. You should aim to put the client at ease by answering any questions and explaining  aspects of the treatment. The consultation usually also includes a short introductory treatment.  Existing clients who are continuing their treatments must always be consulted about changes in  their health and possible contra-indications as well as their responses to previous treatments. 

Clients should be encouraged to ask questions, including the method of treating the hair growth in  between visits. The beauty therapist must be realistic and advise the client to expect regrowth and  not expect instant solutions. Advise the client of the aftercare necessary to avoid skin damage and  the importance of regular attendances. Following is a suggested guide for client consultation: 

  • inspect the face or area to be treated 
  • identify contra-indications 
  • discussion of previous methods of hair removal 
  • emphasise that electrolysis treatments eventually result in permanent epilation 
  • explain the epilation process 
  • describe hair growth and regrowth 
  • describe treatment procedures, appointment lengths, time between treatments 
  • advise on the cost of treatment 
  • describe the skin’s reaction to treatment and progress that will be made 
  • explain the need for frequency of treatments 
  • identify aspects of the client’s lifestyle that may affect the service 
  • try to determine the client’s emotional condition to evaluate whether this will affect the service.