Unit 2.21 – Process of Electrolysis and permanence of results Copy

You need to effectively provide information to the client about the nature of the permanent  epilation process so that they can make an informed decision and be prepared for the treatments.  Permanent hair removal using galvanic or thermolysis or blended methods are the only permanent  hair removal method capable of removing a wide range of hair colours and on different skin colours. 

You must advise the client about the electrolysis process which has been selected and stress that it is a permanent process since the capacity of the hair to regrow will be destroyed in the process.  Electrolysis treatment of an area is a lengthy process as each hair is treated individually, but once  the hair growing apparatus in the follicle is destroyed, hair growth will not occur. At this point a comparison to temporary methods and to more permanent methods using light sources should be made to ensure that the client is aware of all the available options.