Unit 2.23 – The destruction an healing processes Copy

The destruction and healing processes This involves the insertion of a probe into the follicle, followed by the flow of electrical current to the tip, which causes the growth area to be destroyed. The hair is loosened and removed with  tweezers.  The current intensity is extremely low and not dangerous to the client. The heat generated will feel like a hot sting, similar to an insect sting.

In consecutive treatments the sensation will decrease as the client becomes de-sensitized, and the hair becomes weaker needing less intensity.  As living layers of the skin are being heated, only alternate hairs can be treated if they are dense.  The same area cannot be treated again to remove these alternate hairs for 10 – 14 days, as time must be allowed for healing.

It is important that the client appreciates the need for an adequate healing interval. Treatments that are too frequent will result in scarring.