Unit 2.24 – Scheduling appointments Copy

Scheduling, length and number of appointments 

For the treatment of electrolysis to be successful it is important for the client to have regular appointments. This must take into account the 10 – 14 day healing interval between treatments. The treatment plan should be outlined, allowing for some changes to accommodate skin reaction and healing. The client must not be booked in for more treatments than is appropriate for their skin type.  Some clients are so eager to achieve results that they try to attend the salon too frequently. 

Clients that lack either time or funds may not be able to attend as regularly as required. In this instance the method of hair removal between treatments is very important, in order to maintain steady progress. 

The client’s lifestyle will have a bearing on the treatment plan. For example, working may disrupt the appointments. If the client has a job where they are constantly greeting people, it may be difficult to let the hair grow long enough for you to treat. In this situation many clients prefer to have an appointment on a Monday, having allowed the hair to grow during the weekend. This requires a gap of four to five days between cutting or trimming and the appointment. Other factors such as smoking will inhibit the skin’s ability to heal. 

A client should be made aware of the recommended length of sessions and the expected times between sessions and the number of sessions required to achieve the desired outcome. Decisions about the appointments will be related to the following factors.