Unit 2.25 – Location area and cost of treatment Copy

The location of the area Some areas are very sensitive and only need a short treatment, for example, the upper lip will require 10–15 minutes. 

The size of the area A large area can be treated for up to an hour, as long as the probes are spaced, the client can tolerate the treatment length and the erythema is not too great. The treatment period should increase in duration from 15 to 30 to 45 minutes as the client becomes increasingly comfortable with the treatment

The quantity of hairs There may be only enough hairs present for a short treatment. When epilating densely packed areas alternate hairs can be removed. Even if this means only treating 1/2 the number of hairs in a small area and working for a short time, this is better than risking scarring. 

Cost of treatment The cost of an individual treatment varies. However, overall cost is difficult to establish as there will be uncertainty on how well the client will respond to treatment. Some hairs will only have to be  epilated once, whereas others will need several treatments. It is more feasible to discuss the  expected time period involved. For example, a client with a light upper lip growth may need three  fortnightly treatments, reducing to two monthly treatments, then one every six weeks. This would  take six months with just the occasional maintenance session afterwards. This is only a guide as the skill of the beauty therapist also plays a part in the success of the treatments. It must be remembered that as the condition improves the gap between treatments will lengthen. Therefore, even though the overall length of time may be quite long, visits to the salon will be well spaced.