Unit 2 – Step by Step: Two handed progressive method Copy

Probing Position:

Take the opportunity to learn proper insertion techniques for successful treatment which will prevent strain and injury later on in your career.  The modern method for positioning is known as the two-handed progressive method of epilation.  It is not the easiest method, but it ensures you insert the probe to the target area to successfully treat the follicle without scarring.

Step by Step: The Two-Handed Progressive Method

  1. Insert the probe perpendicular (at a right angle) to the follicle
  2. Insert the probe full depth.  You will feel this with practice and you have gauged the follicle length with the tweezed hair
  3. Have your fingers, forearm and body positioned inline with the direction of hair growth
  4. Have your wrist straight and supported so that you are not straining or trembling in the follicle.  You need to be able to feel the follicle for correct and incorrect position of the wrist
  5. With your other hand, hold the hair with the tweezers
  6. Turn on the currents (blend, galvanic or thermolysis
  7. Release the current as soon as the hair can be tugged free.  Leaving the current on for longer will lead to scarring.  When the hair is free of the dermal papilla (the anchor) you can assume it was successfully treated.
  8. Count in seconds and measure the time it took to treat and use this as the gauge to set the parameters of the machine