Unit 3.1 – Prepare the service area Copy

The service area should be prepared in a hygienic fashion and organised carefully so that all the necessary equipment and supplies are ready for use and have been prepared in the correct way, observing all State/Territory health and hygiene regulations as well as salon policies. 

The couch should be positioned to allow you to freely move your stool and work trolley around  both sides and the top of the couch. This will allow you to work on different areas while still having access to the machine for adjustment of the controls. Cover the entire couch with disposable paper sheeting. 

General lighting suitable for close work should be in place and a magnifying lamp should be used  while performing electrolysis, though it may require practice to be able to use it comfortably.  Some beauty therapists who wear glasses may not be able to work with the lens because it distorts their vision. 

You will also need to ensure cushions and pillows are available in case they will be required to  support the area being treated or make the client comfortable. A light blanket should also be  available for client comfort. As far as possible you should aim to set up a calm and well organised  environment, as clients are often anxious and apprehensive about undergoing electrolysis treatments.