Unit 3.17 – Choosing probe size Copy

Choice of probe size
The probe size should be chosen through a careful visual assessment so that the diameter of the hair and follicle match the probe diameter. Fine hairs may need a 02 or 03 probe, while strong hairs may need 05 or 06. Choosing the correct probe size is important for the following reasons:
• Too large a probe will not fit into the follicle mouth easily and may stretch it and may also cause unnecessary damage at the base of the follicle.
• Too small a probe will not damage a large enough area at the base of the follicle to allow adequate treatment.

Loading the probe

The sterile single-use probe must be removed from its sterile package and loaded into the electrolysis machine in front of the client. This shows the client that a sterilised probe is being inserted into the holder for their treatment. Many clients will enquire about the salon’s probe policy before making their first appointment. This must be in line with State and Territory health and safety guidelines and the Skin Penetration Act.
It is also important to correctly dispose of probes at the end of the treatment into an Australian Standard Approved sharps container. It is important to have these containers in full view of the client. When the probe is loaded and released correctly it minimises the chance of contamination before use and reduces the possibility of piercing your skin with a contaminated probe.