Unit 3.2 – Prepare the trolley Copy

Having a trolley well organised and stocked with all the implements and products you require will make it  easier to carry out the procedure effectively and efficiently. A typical trolley for permanent epilation would  contain:

Specialised magnifying glasses


Worn by operators who cannot use the magnifying lamp

Tweezers or forceps 

Left in their sterile packaging to lift the hair from the follicle after  treatment

Single-use probes 

An assortment of sizes and lengths to suit all hair types – these  must left in their sterile packaging until use

Sharps container 

Securely placed on the working trolley to allow for easy and safe  probe disposal

Single use disposable  


For use by the operator. Purple gloves improve the visibility when  working on grey or white hair.


To open packaging


Cotton wool, tissues, eye pads

Waste bin 

This should be lined

Skin preparation product 

70% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol to cleanse the skin before  treatment


Soothing products 

Promotes healing and minimises redness. Apply to the area  immediately after treatment and during treatment when moving from  one area to another.

Camouflage products 

A solution of skin covering products which contains a pigment  in a calamine-type base for applying to facial areas to conceal  redness immediately after treatment, and in the following 24 – 48 hours as an alternative to makeup.

Treatment cards and pen 

To record consultation and treatment

Chart showing hair growth  cycle.

For use in describing hair growth cycle to client


To record treatment time

Spare probe leads 

Important to have spare leads so that treatments are not  cancelled due to the breakdown of a lead.

Electrolysis machine 

Choice of machine is up to salon and beauty therapist.