Unit 3.3 – Tweezers Copy

Tweezers or Forceps 

These are one of your most important tools and need careful selection. You will require several as  forceps are required to be cleaned and disinfected after each client. If they have been contaminated they will need to be sterilised. 

Because of the constant cleaning the forceps should be capable of withstanding frequent sterilisation.  Therefore medical grade tweezers are recommended. 

The next consideration is the style of forcep that you prefer to work with. Some have slanted tips,  some have sharp tips and others have curved tips. The advantage of those with a sharp tip is that  you can use them more easily for gripping the hair after the current has been applied. This is especially true where the hair growth is dense. Those with a curved or bent tip are ideal for the release of  ingrown hairs. The tip type recommended for electrologists is sharp. 

The shank maybe etched for better grip. Some have electroplated tips for a secure grip of the hair