Unit 3.4 – Probes Copy

Probes  –  Sterile single-use probes are inexpensive and readily available so reuse of electrolysis probes is not  necessary. Probes are contained within sterile packaging and must be opened in front of the client  just before treatment commences. This minimises the risk of contamination and also assures the  client of your attention to infection control. One probe may be used for removing as many hairs as  necessary from one client during one procedural session but the probes must be sterile at the first  time of use. Electrical currents do not sterilize probes. 

Probes should be disposed of immediately after use into an Australian Standard Approved sharps  container. The Health and Skin Penetration regulations in each State and Territory will provide additional  information regarding safe disposal methods for sharps. There are various brands, types, sizes and  lengths of probe. Each has its own specific use. The five types of probe are: 

  • one-piece tapered probe 
  • two-piece straight 
  • two-piece tapered 
  • insulated 
  • 24 carat gold plated. 

The one-piece tapered probe has less risk of breaking or separating. It has a tapered point and is  therefore concentrated at the tip ensuring less risk of skin damage. There are two shank sizes, F & K. The  holder grips the shank of the probe.