Unit 3.7. -Working safely Copy

Working safely 

Within each State and Territory, there are health and hygiene regulations that apply to workers in the  personal service industry. In addition, the regulations that form State and Territory Skin Penetration  Acts apply when conducting permanent epilation. It is your responsibility to obtain a copy of these  guidelines and adhere to them. The guidelines for performing permanent epilation usually cover  these general areas: 

  • the beauty therapist’s responsibilities 
  • preventing infections 
  • the importance of hand washing 
  • the use of gloves 
  • the use of disposable probes 
  • the control of bleeding 
  • the beauty therapist’s responsibilities. 

You should always aim to ensure the following conditions are met: 

  • Premises are kept in a clean and hygienic condition. 
  • Any equipment used that may penetrate the skin is sterile. 
  • Any equipment which has been used on one person is disposed of appropriately and  

immediately after use or sterilised before being used on another person. 

  • Any equipment that has been used on one person but has not penetrated the person’s skin is cleaned  before being used on another person. 
  • The person carrying out the procedure is clean, dressed in clean clothing, and has no exposed skin  lesions (including any cut, abrasion or wound).