Unit 3.9 – Hand Washing Copy

Hand washing and hand care are the first steps in any infection control program to prevent the  transfer of micro-organisms. Cuts and abrasions on exposed skin must be covered by a water re sistant occlusive dressing which should be changed as necessary or when the dressing becomes  soiled. The surface of hands and nails must be cleaned before contact with a client. Hands should  be protected from chafing by using moisturising creams. Hand washing facilities must be located  within the treatment room and be equipped with taps that can be turned on and off without the use  of hands. 

To protect themselves and the client from micro-organisms, the beauty therapist’s hands must be washed  at the following times; 

  • before and after contact with each client or if a procedure is interrupted 
  • after contact with any blood, body substance or tissue 
  • immediately after removing gloves 
  • after carrying out a skin penetration procedure on a client 
  • after touching the nose or mouth 
  • before and after smoking, eating and drinking 
  • after going to the toilet 
  • before and after treating wounds and handling soiled wound dressings