Unit 4.18 – Completion of treatment Copy

Removing the probe from the holder
Upon completion of the treatment the probe should be removed from the probe holder. This is done without touching the probe, therefore reducing any risk of cross-infection, between client and beauty therapist. The cap should be partially unscrewed which loosens the grip of the holder on the probe.

The holder is then held over the sharps disposal container and the probe is either removed by the tweezers or will fall into the container when the holder is tapped. Care should be taken not to drop the chuck or cap into the container.

Sterilising the cap and tweezers
The cap and tweezers should be scrubbed and then sterilised according to the relevant State or TerritoryHealth Department regulations.

Sanitising the equipment
The probe holder, machine dials and magnifying lamp should be wiped over with a surface alcohol wipe or a suitable instrument sanitiser.