Unit 4.2 – Angle, Direction and Depth Copy

ADD – Angle, Direction and Depth
Hairs emerge from the follicle at angles from 10–90°C. The probe must be inserted into the hair follicle at the exact angle of the hair as it emerges from the skin. The probe is inserted underneath and parallel to the hair. Clip long hairs to about 6 mm to 12 mm for a better judgement of the angle of hair growth. If the hair is curly, disregard the curl and take the angle from where hair emerges first from the skin.
Before inserting, always observe the direction of the hair growth. Insert the probe into the hair follicle against the direction of the hair.
Experience will guide you to develop the sensitivity needed to determine when the bottom of the hair follicle has been reached. As a general rule, coarse hairs have deeper follicles than fine hairs. Late anagen hairs have deep follicles and telogen hairs have shallow ones. Observation of treated hairs removed by the tweezers at the skin surface will show the exact depth of the follicles. Measure the
hair against the probe length precisely by taking the treated hair (which is held by the tweezers at the point where it emerges from the skin surface) and placing the bulb against the tip of the probe.
The distance from the bulb to the point on the hair that is held by the tweezers indicates the depth of the follicle. As there is slight variation from follicle to follicle, it is important to gain an intuitive sense of the follicle’s strength and depth while removing each follicle.
If you probe too deeply or if the probe is too long, you will feel it pierce the base of the hair follicle. In this case you will often see blood emerge from the opening of the follicle.