Unit 4.20 – Techniques for different areas cont’d Copy

Upper legs
Lay the client on their back or side. Try to get the client to relax because muscle tension should be avoided. The thighs are very sensitive especially on the inside area.

The sciatic nerve, the largest in the body, extends through this region as well as along the spinal column. The pain threshold is low for most clients, as it takes longer than the usual time for the synapses to lose their responsiveness.

An involuntary muscle response or ‘jump’ is common. Hair direction varies from parallel to leg to 90°. Angle of inclination is mostly 45°. Follicles are deep so a long probe should be used. Probe diameter should match diameter of hair.
On new cases, use face techniques for the first five minutes, then switch to the body technique.
After two or three visits, start off with body technique. The client’s pain tolerance will vary from visit to visit so do not assume that the same machine setting can be used every time.