Unit 4.20 – Techniques for different areas contd Copy

Under the chin and the throat
This is often a difficult area because the client sometimes has difficulty putting their head back far enough. Lay the client on their back with a pillow under their shoulders, allowing their head to tilt back over the pillow. The beauty therapist should not rest their arm on the client’s chest.
Alternatively lay the client on their side.
Apply the standard face technique. The beauty therapist should watch for change on insertion depth and change of angle as they alternate between under the chin area and throat region.

Side of face
The client lies on their back or side and the beauty therapist may work from the side or the end of the table. Ingrowing of terminal hair in this area is very common and tweezing aggravates it. The client should be advised to free the end of embedded hair, but not to tweeze prior to appointment.
Use standard face technique and remove the darkest and coarsest hairs first if growth is extensive.