Unit 4.22 – Identify adverse effects Copy

Identify adverse effects
Most treatments progress well and you can expect normal skin reactions such as erythema andperifollicular oedema. Unfortunately there is always the possibility of a client suffering adverse effects from undergoing electrolysis treatments. They can take many forms and can be caused by a variety of factors. Sometimes it is the beauty operator who is at fault for employing an unsuitable probing technique.

Faulty equipment – a machine or connection problem – may also result in
adverse effects.

Probing faults – Steadiness of hand is vital for good probing. Some of the more common probing faults are listed below:
• Current discharged above, below or on either side of the germinative area.
• Indefinite tapping – current, though correctly selected, will not flow into follicle (check for reddening at follicle mouth).
• Movement of the probe – current seeps away from the targeted area.
• Current passes through the base of follicle or through a sidewall.
• Incorrect amount of current is used.
• During training, the low and slow method is used, that is, a low current intensity with a current release of five seconds.