Unit 4.24 – Troubleshooting: cont’d Copy

Lack of progress in hair regrowth reduction
Sometimes the permanent epilation treatment does not progress as anticipated and planned. If progression is not being made on a client, you should firstly check the technique you are using. It is very easy to inadvertently slip into bad habits and not work properly. If you are convinced your skills are not at fault, the possibility of the client having an underlying condition causing the production of new hairs or strengthening of existing hairs should be explored. Don’t forget that a hair which has been in telogen for a long time may appear and be stronger and darker than surrounding regrowth hairs. This will only happen occasionally. If you reach the conclusion that there may be an underlying cause then this must be explained to the client in a tactful manner. If the hair growth does appears to be a little stronger than it was, or that little progress is being made, suggest that the client visit their doctor to check for possible medical causes. Try not to alarm the client and explain that sometimes something very simple such as changing their contraceptive pill can cause a change in hair growth. If a hormonal disorder is not the problem, the doctor will just reassure them nothing is wrong. Underlying causes may be identified through various tests usually administered by an endocrinologist. If recommended by the doctor, the client can simultaneously undertake electrolysis and medical control of hair growth. If the client is using medication to decrease hair growth, any improvement can be slow and the medical practitioner often recommends electrolysis to speed up the process.