Unit 4.28 – Adjusting the treatment plan Copy

It is difficult to accurately plan the frequency of treatments for the client. Hair growth can occur at a faster rate or more slowly than anticipated. When the client returns for treatment, the amount of hair to remove will decrease. As this happens the treatment frequency can also be decreased. In
the same way, the client should be advised to take note of the hair growth and alter their planned appointment if there is not enough hair present to warrant a treatment. The following observations indicate the treatment is progressing:

• length of treatment decreases
• frequency of treatment decreases
• the hair diameter decreases and consequently the probe size decreases
• the hair colour of the treated hairs becomes paler
• the hairs become weaker
• the hair follicles become shallower.

If possible, it is best to begin practicing electrolysis techniques as patch tests on areas that are not too sensitive. Begin on the legs, gradually move to different areas leaving the face until last. This ensures you become skilful in removing hair of all strengths and angles of growth. While you are practicing electrolysis treatments to develop your techniques with the equipment, you must strictly apply all of the health and hygiene rules.