Unit 4.29 – Working on dark skin Copy

Skin colour can vary with the time of year and according to the client’s genetic makeup. There are several differences in physiology between skins of different pigment intensity. When working on heavily pigmented skin the following should be taken into account:
• Post treatment erythema is not visible on the skin; therefore the sensitivity cannot be seen.
• Over treatment on the skin can cause hyper and hypo-pigmentation (lightening or darkening of the skin).
• Scarring can become keloid.
• The thickness and oiliness of the skin tend to hold the heat within the skin more effectively.
• Superfluous hair is often wavy or curly and strong.
• In order to treat darker skin, wavy or curly hair and reduce the incidence of scarring it is best to treat this hair type using the blend technique. Wavy or curly hair even on a lighter skin is best treated using the blend method.