Unit 4 – Step by Step – Thermolysis Copy

Step by Step: Thermolysis

  1. Adjust the magnifying lamp, or magni-specs, so you are able to see the follicles and skin
  2. Blot the skin surface dry with a clean tissue as necessary.  Keep in mind that the conductivity increases with moisture




3. Aseptically load the selected probe into the probe holder.  Ensure the probe is securel fastened in the probe.  The images show one-piece and two-piece loading

4.   Switch the epilator machine on at the mains and unit

5.  Select a hair similiar to others in the area

6.  Switch machine to the lowest possible setting for hair type


7. Stretch the follicle open slightly without distorting the follicle.

8.  Probe the follicle, inserting the probe underneath the hair with the direction and angle of hair growth (which should be perpendicular to the skin after stretching)

9.  When the probe is at the base of the hair follicle apply the high-frequency current for the duration of your machine timer setting or according to your own count 



10.   Try with tweezers to remove hair from follicle without traction.  The current should be set at the lowest intensity setting possible, using the shortest time.  Continue increasing the current and trying until you have found an effective machine setting for your client. 


11. Remove the epilated hair using the tweezers and place on tissue or damp cotton wool kept within range of the area being treated.  The hair should slide easily from the follicle.




12.   Continue to treat the area methodically observing skin reaction and adjusting the current intensity as required.  Regularly and routinely check client satisfaction and for skin reaction throughout treatment.

13. At the end of the treatment period reduce the current intensity to “0”.

14. Remove the contaminated probe and place into the sharps container.  Place the contaminated waste in the lined waste bin. 



15.   Select aftercare – continue to apply aloe vera gel for the next 21 days to prevent irritation and the spread of infection.  Do not pick spots or small blood scabs which may appear a few days after treatment.  May take beetween 7-21 days for skin to heal.