Unit 5.1 – Aftercare procedures for Electrolysis Copy

It is essential that you advise each client about aftercare procedures for permanent epilation procedures to ensure hygiene safety and best results from the treatment. The biggest risks are from infection and exposure to the sun.

If infection control guidelines are followed throughout the permanent epilation treatment, the risk of the beauty therapist causing an infection is minimal. As many clients have bacteria present on their skin, it is difficult to prevent pustules from developing. Other contributing factors are the use of makeup too soon after treatment, hands touching the area, water added to the area or even excessive perspiration. Clients who have treatment around the hairline or on their face should not wash their hair for 24 hours.

When infection is present, hot compresses can be applied every three hours and an antiseptic lotion or cream should be applied.
Exposing the skin to the sun can cause hyperpigmentation after electrolysis. Always advise the client to stay out of the sun until the redness has subsided and avoid tanning immediately after treatment.

Aftercare in the salon can consist of the application of direct high frequency for its germicidal and healing effects.