Unit 5 – Step by Step – Direct Current – Galvanic Epiliation Copy


1.  Place the inactive electrode in the client’s hand.  Protect it with a dampened tissue or as directed by the manufacturer

2.  Attach the probe holder to the negative pole

3.   Set the current intensity and the duration.  Check the manufacturers instruction for the ideal start point

4.  Insert the probe into the follicle

5.  Apply the current intensity by pressing the foot pedal.  Most equipment will automatically switch off after the selected time

6.  Remove the probe from the follicle, use the tweezers to try the hair

7.  Repeat steps 4-6 of the procedure, and remove the hair from the follicle when it is ready to come out

8.  Place the hair onto a clean piece of tissue or cottonwool to inspect

9.  The electrolytic effect continues after the current stops because the chemical reactions are still occuring in the tissues in the follicle, which is why the intensity and duration parameters start low.  You can increase the intensity or lengthen the time to allow the hairs to be easily removed

10.  Continue clearing the area until treatment has been completed