Unit 6.2 – Aftercare Observation Copy

After Plasma Fibroblast treatment, it is important to closely observe the following aftercare advice:

– Burning sensation will soon reduce and anti-inflammatory / antihistamine medication can help.

– You may have some swelling especially around the eyes. Swelling usually only lasts a few days (days 1 – 3 post treatment)

– Ice packs, cryo balls and hydrating face masks can soothe and help reduce swelling.

– Occasional weeping will settle.

– Formation of brown/black crusts on skin surface. DO NOT PICK!

– Crusts will fall off in few days.

– Keep treated area clean and dry.

– Use sun protection if out and about – MM Everyday Moisturiser, MM Foundation Powder

– Do not cover with plasters or occlusive dressing.

– Contact for advice if area becomes hot, red or weeping pus

– Treatment review from 1 week onwards. Send photos!!