Unit 6.3 – Client Aftercare Instructions Copy

We recommend the following information is given to the clients to ensure optimum treatment outcome.

For 12 hours after treatment: no makeup (after 12 hours MM Mineral Foundation Powder SPF20+ is recommended)

For 48 hours after treatment: no sauna, no sunbeds, no sun exposure, no botox, collagen injections or dermal fillers

For 1 week after treatment: no swimming, do not use anti ageing creams, do not use AHA’s, glycolic or retinol, do not use exfoliating products.

At all times during a course of a treatment a minimum of SPF 30+ must be applied and exposure to the sun should be avoided – MM Everyday Moisturiser and MM Mineral Makeup Foundation. Gentle cleansing with MM Nourish Cleanser. Regular moisturising with either MM Lipid Oil Serum, MM Platinum Hyaluronic Acid and MM Everyday Moisturiser and Protect is vital to replenish moisture and prevent the skin from becoming dry and peeling.