Unit 7.10 – Tummy Tightening Copy

Tummy Tightening Candidate An ideal client for skin tightening on the tummy has a minimal amount of volume with lax skin. The treatment is not effective for skin with substantial fat, or such excess skin there is a tummy flap.

Tummy Tightening Client

Candidate for tummy tightening This client could find great improvement of the loose skin surrounding her belly button. However, there is a medium degree of fat in the tummy that should be lost to properly assess and treat the skin to achieve a more effective treatment in this area.

Tummy Tightening Client Assessment

Non Candidate for Plamere treatment This client may present asking for skin tightening. Plamere works on lax skin tissue on a superficial level. This client is not a candidate because the skin is too voluminous from fat and weighs too much to respond to the treatment.