Unit 7.2 – Crepey Skin Copy

Examples of Crepey Skin

Crepey Skin… The most telling sign of advanced age. The GREAT news is this skin responds exceptionally well to Plasma treatment. Other non-invasive treatments are nowhere near as effective as fibroblast plasma for crepey skin.

Crepey skin on arm. Treatment provides renewed appearance of youth. Plasma will not tone or tighten large volume of skin that is found on clients with excess body fat.

Crepey skin on legs. This type of skin can accompany loose skin on the legs. It can occur on the knees which gets great results. It can also accompany loose skin inside the thighs. Due to the potential for substantial fat in the inner thigh results can vary in efficacy when treating the inside of the thigh area. If you can pinch more than a fingertip full of the clients skin it is important to advise client the extra tissue will not respond to the Plasma treatment.

Crepey Skin On Face Plasma enables treatment areas of crepey skin on the face that is not able to be treated by Botox or fillers as effectively

Crepey Skin On Neck Treating this area provides amazing results. This area can be treated conservatively for client comfort and still receive amazing results.

Crepey Skin Occurring Under Eye This can occur with or without fine lines in the under eye area. You will proceed with treatment in the area treating crepey skin in the appropriate technique along with the technique to treat fine lines or wrinkles.

Crepey Skin Plasma Dice Pattern

Creepy Skin Plasma Application Method Utilize the DICE pattern also called staggered line pattern when treating areas of crepey skin. This enables full coverage and maximum stimulation of fibroblasts. Continue this technique across the entire treatment area.