Unit 7.3 – Fine Lines Copy

Fine lines can occur anywhere on the face and body. The chart above highlights the most common areas that fine lines occur. Fine lines differ from wrinkles in the degree of depth. Fine lines respond very well to the Plasma treatment and often need only one treatment for optimal results

Fine Line Assessment Discussion

We have found over our extensive experience working with fine lines and wrinkles that not all lines and wrinkles are created equally. There are many causes of fine lines and wrinkles. Most of us think of old age as the precursor for these lines and wrinkles. While that may be the usual cause, many other factor can contribute to the development of these unwelcome marks in our appearance. Just as there are many causes of wrinkles there is a need to assess and treat each wrinkle on an individual basis.We have created a grading system for fine lines and wrinkles that helps us determine how we should apply the plasma arc treatment to each wrinkle. We are proud of our customized approach to treating wrinkles. This system is proprietary to our brand uniquely and we encourage you as a practitioner to follow along closely to this instruction as you will not find this excellent advice available on social media. We reserve this system for members of our team and students within our program exclusively. While the concept is not difficult to grasp, it enables us to approach each client in a highly customized manner yielding the best results for the unique composition of their skin.Our grading system enables you to treat every wrinkle in the most effective manner without risk of over treating a client. In the art of Plasma therapy, we must taylor our treatment for every client and wrinkle, uniquely.

Fine Line Grading System

We identify three stages of fine lines and wrinkles appearing in the skin:

Stage 1: Superficial lines. Exceptionally shallow in appearance. Almost no visible depth to the naked eye.

Stage 2: Moderate lines. These lines show some depth but remain shallow.

Stage 3: Severe lines or wrinkle. Severe lines are deep and can even fold upon itself with lax skin either above or below the line. These are going to require additional treatment to achieve the optimal result for the client.

Fine Line Stage 1

Stage 1 wrinkles are treated by placing dots directly across the superficial fine line. If the line is wide but superficial we will place an additional row of dots around the perimeter of the fine line.

Fine Line Stage 2

Stage 2: For moderate depth fine lines. Dots are applied across the line and around the perimeter for up to two rows depending upon width.

Fine Line Stage 3

Stage 3: Severe fine lines and wrinkles are treated by placing dots around the perimeter of the line in up to three rows depending upon the depth of the wrinkle and space available between other fine lines. Lines of this severity often accompany other wrinkles and crepey skin and can be treated in a combined fashion that will cover most of the forehead area. Stage 3 lines and wrinkles often need additional treatment for ideal results. We wait until the line has reached Stage 2 or Stage 1 after healing to apply dots across the surface of the line. This will prevent any issue with healing with skin that folds upon itself.