Unit 7.5 – Lip Treatments Copy

We can utilize the Fibroblast Plasma Arc to achieve amazing results around the clients lips. We can minimize age lines and crepey skin, We can enhance the lips with a full or partial lip flip. Depending on the placement of the dots during the treatment we can customize the clients treatment. Lets view some examples of clients who could benefit from lip treatment. The specific technique will be covered in greater detail in the Practice procedures section.


Kiss/Smoker Lip Lines

Full Lip Flip

Partial Lip Flip

Lip Symmetry

Lip Treatment Examples

Lip Wrinkles Treat lip wrinkles according to the standard process of evaluating the stage of the wrinkles. When crepey skin is also present you will treat the area for both conditions.

Kiss Lines

Stage 3 Lines – These will require additional sessions. Remember to have your client pucker and relax when assessing this area. The lines that are present when the client relaxes the lips will receive the greatest effect from the treatment. Overall plumping of the skin in this area will help minimize visible lines when puckering as well.

Kiss Line Demo

Kiss Lines – We treat these depending upon the stage of the line.