Unit 7.8 – Hooded Eye Treatment Copy

Treatments for the hooded eye are quite possibly the most wildly popular of all Plamere Plasma Arc Treatments. It is important to ensure you select the appropriate clients for this procedure. This procedure produces amazing results for moderately lax skin in the area above the eye. It will not be as effective on thicker more youthful skin. It is very important to give the skin above the clients eye an thorough assessment for laxity prior to treatment to set the proper expectations for this procedure with your client.

To assess or laxity:

1. Pinch lightly the area of lax skin between the tips of your finger. If you can pull the skin away with ease and it feel rather flat between your fingers this is ideal.

2. Look at the lash line closely to see if the lashes are still visible or if they are covered by skin. In clients who have sagging hooded eyes past their lashes it is wise to advise they will need additional treatments for optimal results.

3. Look at the inside and outside corners of the clients eye for the appearance of draping skin. Thin, draping skin will respond well to Plamere Plasma treatment.

Lets view some ideal and non ideal candidates for the hooded eye lift together now.

Hooded Eye Lift Candidate

Severely hooded eye almost covers lashes entirely. These clients respond well to the Plasma Arc procedure. The potential to needed additional treatments is ripe.

Hooded Eye Lift Candidate

This client will respond well to a single treatment.

Hooded Eye Lift Candidate

Ideal candidate for hooded eye lift.

Hooded Eye Lift Non – Candidate Comparison

The clients on top are ideal candidates for hooded eye lift. They have sufficient laxity and minimum volume in the desired treatment area. The clients on the bottom are NON- Ideal candidates for hooded eye lift. The client on the bottom-left does not have a hooded eye. Though she could benefit from tightening along the crease of her eye. The client on the bottom-right is not an ideal candidate for a hooded eye lift because the area above her eye voluminous and will not respond ideally to the treatment.

Hooded Eye Lift Demo

We treated the hooded eye area by covering the entire area of lax skin as depicted above.