Unit 7 – Advanced Blend Methods Copy

Some advanced techniques and machines allow you to use the blend method to suit all client needs.  Techniques can include:

  • Computerised machines that digitally control the thermolysis and galvanic settings to their “patented” method.  for example and intense “flash” thermolysis pulse might be combined with a less intense galvanic.  It is safer to use when controlled in a computerised setting
  • treat a number of follicles at a time – for galvanic current only.  Dont tweeze the hair immediately, move to another then go back to treat a second time.  Pay attention and remember the follicle you had treated


Ensure client comfort and modesty

  • Draping – follow standard draping procedures for beauty treatments.  Dont allow the client to be exposed – not only is it unprofessional, it can cause the client undue stress which leads to an increased awareness of pain.
  • Comfort – the client is lying in the one position for a log period of time.  Regularly check that:  they are comfortable enough to hold the posture so you can access the area and that they are warm – cold skin is difficult to probe


Monitor client reactions to adjust time and intensity of eletrical current

Use the clients pain threshold as a gauge to the amount of time and the intensity to the electric current you can apply during treatment.  You can adjust as neccessary at any point during the treatment.  Note down any changes in the parameters and where you made the change – It may be that the skin and hair is different in a certain area, or the pain threshold has changed over time.