Unit 8.10 – After Treatment Copy

– Immediately after treatment apply healing cream which contains either colloidal silver, aloe, B5 gel, or hyaluronic acid and is suitable to be applied to injure and irritated skin and accelerate reparation of epidermis.

– Client must be advised to cleanse the treated area twice a day with antibacterial soap

– Apply healing cream twice per day for 12 weeks. This procedure has to be repeated until the spontaneous separation of crusts.

– If crusts persist longer than 1 week it is appropriate to apply healing cream 1 time per day to encourage the dots to dry and flake away.

– Client has to avoid sunlight after treatment. If the skin is exposed to sun rays, it is necessary to apply sunscreen with spf 30+, and client should shield their skin with sunglasses, clothing or head cover. It is advisable to check the patient after one and two weeks after the procedure.