Unit 8.12 – Procedure Protocol Copy

Set machine intensity for 7-9. Maximum distance of application tip from skin is < 1mm, so the discharge can be continuous. The skin tag has to be removed layer by layer so we lightly scan until brown. Repeat it until the surrounding skin level is reached. You cannot go deeper because there could form a scar.

In case of removing skin tags there are two options:

  • Apply plasma to the neck – this way a detachment is achieved.
  • Apply plasma to the entire area – wait approximately a week until it falls away.

1. Apply plasma arc (dotting) on top of the skin tag and work all the way down until you have almost reached the base of it (skin level). Then reduce the power settings to get the greatest precision. Continue the carbonization of the skin tag until you have leveled it off with the surrounding skin. Remember to wipe off the carbon residues from time to time to allow you to see the level you have reached.

2. In case the skin tag you are removing is particularly large you can apply the arc (dotting) to the base of the neck of the skin tag close to skin level. Once the skin tag has become detached, you can then level off the remaining skin tag using the scanning technique.