Unit 8.14 – After Treatment Protocol Copy

Right after treatment apply a regenerating cream on treated area. Use colloidal silver, which creates a protection layer and helps healing the skin. This special serum has to be applied 2 times a day on washed disinfected skin. The serum could be replaced with another cream containing regenerating substances. Repeat it twice daily for 7-10 days after treatment. Exposure to sunlight is forbidden following treatment (we recommend at least 1 month). In case of sun exposure is necessary to apply sunscreen with SPF+30.

What the client can expect

2-3 days after treatment / a little scab or little erythema 4 days after treatment / separating and peeling the scab

5-8 days after treatment / scab will fall off; it is now possible to apply makeup to the area if the lesion is extensive, healing could last longer at a rough guess 2 weeks.