Unit 8.16 – Pre Treatment Protocol Copy

1. Review the information on contraindications with the client. Before the treatment, you should be informed about possible contraindications that would exclude the treatment (pacemaker, implanted electrical devices, epilepsy, pregnancy metal implants in the treatment area).

2. Examine the lesion. Evaluate the scar character; check the skin condition.

3. The disinfection and the application of local anesthesia. Remove any make-up. Disinfect thoroughly the skin (with regard to the fact that plasma works with electric energy, we recommend to use an alcohol free disinfectant) anesthesia application: in case of small lesions, apply anesthesia in the form of the cream with a minimum content of 5% lidocaine or tetracaine (eg. emla cream or lidocaine gel) wait for the cream effect for minimum 20 minutes; it is suitable to use occlusion to speed up the effect of anesthesia (cover the applied cream with an airtight plastic eg. cling wrap)