Unit 8.19 – Treatment Protocol Copy

Crows Feet

When you first start this treatment proceed to treat the whole area with the plasma massage tip to tighten the whole area. Get the client to smile and then open the wrinkles and place dots around the wrinkles according to the degree of the line or wrinkle. For deep wrinkles dot either side on the line (never inside a deep wrinkle) to cause the skin to contract and tighten to pull out the lines. The distance between the spots must be approximately 2mm. Unlike eyelid tightening this particular application of skin tightening does not cause the pronounced swelling.

Age spots

Apply the appropriate numbing product for your clients maximum comfort. Set the device at medium power level. Gently scan the age spot and wipe off the carbon residues. Usually scanning over the area quickly 2-3 times will suffice to remove the superficial pigment. If superficial age spots are left untreated the pigments of the age spots move deeper into the skin over time. It should be noted that are spots are not going to disappear in 1 session.it is highly recommended not to try and remove age spots within 1 session as this will require a deeper ablation that could later develop into scarring. Instead it is recommended 2 to 3 sessions 4 weeks apart.