Unit 8.2 – Hooded Eye Treatment Protocol Copy

Non surgical blepharoplasty with Plasma Fibroblast


1. Contra-indications/inform yourself of any contraindications that would exclude treatment (pacemaker, other implanted metal electrical devices, epilepsy, pregnancy ect.) before the procedure. Complete list of contraindications is to be found in the operating manual. Check all electric beds are switched off. Check client is not wearing jewelry.

2. Eye area examination and patch testing. Patch testing should always be performed before starting a full eyelid tightening treatment. Patch testing is important so that you can demonstrate that if the after-care is performed correctly the skin will recover well and there are no adverse effects to this aesthetic treatment. The patch test for the eyelid tightening has to be performed at the same treatment intensity you intend to carry out the treatment.

Evaluate the character of wrinkles and eyelids

Upper eyelids: Evaluate skin overhang