Unit 8.7 – Treatment Procedure Copy

1. The setting of plasma pen. Select a copper pointed head for the treatment and fit it on the device.

2. Attach the applicator tip into the device. Secure into the appropriate size collet and rotate the cap until it is securely fastening the applicator within the collet. According to the safety rules, assure to disconnect the power cable to the device while attempting use avoid contact with the applicator tip during the procedure. Adjust the power setting between 0-9 in accordance with the desired strength of the procedure intended.

3. Place the client into horizontal position. Check the position of head and lighting, which should be as comfortable as possible for the patient and for the practitioner.

NB:  For the purpose of Dermaskin Training, we choose to use a Plamere Plasma Device.  Under no circumstance are we affiliated with Plamere and use this only as a recommendation.  Students can choose to use any Plasma Fibroblast Device of their preference.  However, Dermaskin Training can also supply this device at a reduced cost if a device is needed.  Dermaskin Training deliver ALL training knowledge and techniques to be adapted to any device brands.