Unit 8.8 – Hooded Eye Treatment Explanation Copy

The treatment begins at the upper eyelid under the eyebrow in the outer eye corner by the so called DOTTING technique – it means that we cross the skin quickly, moving like a dotting action on the skin in thin lines. Dot across the width of the eyelid just below the eyebrow from the outer to the inner corner of the eye, then pass another strip of the eyelid of the same width to stagger alignment with the already passed strip. The result of dotting is the whitening/browning of the skin – this appears within about 3-7 minutes.

Dot until erythema is visible (erythema in this context means warming/warming of the dermis, which causes tissue renewal, flexibility improvement and stimulation of immunity and tissue resistance) if the skin is too brown, there is a deeper burn, which is not the desired effect.