Unit 8 – Post Treatment Care and Products Copy

Post-treatment care and products

Post-treatment care is aimed at reducing inflammation and preventing infection of the follicles that have been “wounded”.

The post-treatment care depends on the modality used: if you used galvanic or blend, you will perform cataphoresis.  If you performed thermolysis, you will use direct high frequency.

  1. Cataphoresis is the electrolystic reacton that occurs when the active electrode is switched to positive (+) and the saline produces hydrochloric acid and oxygen.  The effect is healing, nourishing and pH rebalancing.  The procedure is the same as when you rebalance after desincrustation.
  2. Direct High Frequency is the direct application of high frequency to heal and kill germs on the skins surface.  The treatment is drying to the skin so it should not be used for too long 


With gloved hands use cottonwool to apply aftercare product to soothe the skin and protect the open follicles from microbial invasion.  This will minimise post treatment skin reactions. 

Post-epilation aftercare products are hypo-allergenic, antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory and also occlusive so that the skin is protected from dirt and debris.